Friday, February 18, 2011

Lil Red Ridinng in da Hood! (Fat Questions)

1. Do you think the mother should have sent Lil Red Riding in the hood such a long way all by herself? why?
    Okies. Lil Red's mama shoulda neva sent her so far away cause it's never safe for any lil kid to go somewhere by themselves. Especially not Lil Red, cause in the hood, its dangerous. It's all kinda wolves and Lion and Tigers and bears dat chase Lil girls walking round with baskets of chicken and waffles in da hood. Her mom shoulda went with her or had another adult go with her to be her bodyguard so she would be safe.

2. How is the big bad gangsta wolf's end different from the other versions of lil red riding in the hood? Explain.

The biiig baaad gangsta's wolf end os different cause he jacks lil red for her basket of chicken and waffles and leaves her lost and hurt in the hood. The big bad gangsta wolf gets away with being mean and bad to her and thats not fair. In the other versions , Lil Red catches Big Gangsta wolf when he tried to trick her to make her think he was her big momma (grandma). However, Lil Red knows that her big momma not only has a mustache but a beard too! Big bad gangsta wolf messed up cause he went to da barber shop before he went to big momma's house and made it easy for Lil Red to spot him before he could trick her.

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