Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Trip to Venus

Dear Family,

This trips ya'll keep sending me on are OUTRAGEOUS!! I don't wanna go tew anymore planets except EARTH! This planet OMG, I can't take it!  Its the second planet from the sun and boy oh boy thats toooo far from home for me! It's soooo bright here and I broke my Diore sunglasses. Life just can't go on!  There is nothing to see here! Nothing grows here, no flowers , no grass nothing! I can't find one ladybug!!! I wanna come home now!!!



Friday, March 4, 2011

Planet Mercury, My New Home - Post card

Dear Mommie & Daddie,

Life here on Mercury is horrible!!! Its so hot during the day that my eyeballs sweat!!! Even with my space suit on, im so uncomfortable. How could you send me here?! Military school woulda been better!! Night time here is sooo much worse! It so cold, I dont fall asleep , I freeze to sleep! I wanna come home! I promise I won't paint on the walls anymore, or put glue in all the chairs or put salt in the sugar jar anymore. Im gonna be a good girl I promise! Just please let me come back to earth, Let me come hooooommmeee!

Love LadyBug